Established in 2005

Kamberley Solicitors is a dynamic and forward looking firm which constantly strives to be an effective and professional legal practice.  We value our clients, colleagues, staff and community greatly and always endeavor to advance their interests in a positive way.

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As lawyers, we are committed to delivering a high standard of legal service and to achieve the best possible results for our clients.  We place great importance on understanding our clients’ needs from the outset of each and every one of our professional relationships.

Areas of Legal Practice

Since 2005, our firm has acted on a wide range of immigration and nationality law matters.  We have the experience and knowledge to assist in all aspects of immigration and nationality law, from providing advice to handling complex immigration/nationality applications and conducting legal proceedings at all levels of UK Courts.

Over the past ten years we have acted for clients in dispute resolution and adjudication in the civil and criminal courts.  We are well positioned to identify and advise on relevant legal issues, evidence and to help our clients adopt strategies which maximize their chances in litigation.

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